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  1. gregory and lori exum

    Excellent, great to view your face… How far the the Lord has brought us in such a short time. Lori and I enjoyed this very much,

    Praying we are together soon,

    Gregory and Lori Anne Exum

  2. Arla Gammond

    Duane what a blessing this is to enjoy your sermon sitting in my chair spending time with you and Jesus during this crazy time. Thank you for your words, music, and prayers. One day soon we will get to hug and spend time catching up. Keep safe both of you.

  3. Debbie VonBorstel

    Thank you Duane, as always you spoke to my heart! Wish we all could be there with you.

    Blessings to you and Janice,
    The von Borstel’s

    • Thanks, Debbie. I Hope you and Brian are doing well… These are interesting times, for sure.

      But the Lord is good, and He is working in ways we can’t even imagine.

      Love and appreciate your family.

      Hang on, the Lord is in control.

      Shalom ~ Duane

  4. Charlie and Judy

    Great message‚Ķ…sure miss our Sundays together…..sometime soon tho this will all be behind us!!! Love you both!!!

  5. Bill Griggs

    Another great message brother! We so appreciate your ministry and your down to earth messages that are always applicable to the world in which we live. Love you, B & B

  6. Elvin & Waunita Taylor

    One good thing about this isolation is that several sermons are available on-line. We appreciated your message today. Elvin & Waunita Taylor

  7. Bill Griggs

    Great message Pastor! What a blessing that we have the privilege to choose liberty! You did a great job of bringing to our attention the hope, joy and security that is available to us in Christ. We love you two and so appreciate your vital roles of ministry! Love and Prayers, B & B

  8. Charlie and Judy

    Another great message especially for this time……we love you and miss you too along with all of our friends in Christ! Charlie and Judy

  9. Diane Scofield

    Thank you for your telephone call Saturday evening YOUNG MAN! I listened and enjoyed ‚ÄúThe Law of Liberty‚ÄĚ. I texted friends this morning and shared with them that Sunday Sermons are my Attitude Adjustment Time (Food for my Soul) . Thank you again. I didn‚Äôt get thru on You tube. Our internet is Hughes net and very slow, but this morning went to the Churches website and your sermon came thru my cell service. Sometimes that is good, sometimes bad. Today a tiny bit delayed but absolutely wonderful. Have a wonderful ,safe and healthy Sunday. Diane Scofield

  10. So nice to hear and see your face this morning Duane! Your encouragement, love and support means so much. I pray that you feel the prayers over you as we all travel this road together. Thank you for your love and commitment. May we all walk in the freedom provided to each of us this week.

  11. Gregory & Lori

    Pastor Duane, This was a very special message. Very timely appropriate. Thank you so much for learning a new medium of communication so we can see and hear. Your messages with prayers are a warmth and welcoming… God Bless you and Janice

  12. Bill Griggs

    Dear Pastor,
    Great message of encouragement Pastor and challenge to put our trust in the Blessed Controller Of All Things. Thank you for another great and stimulating Sunday sermon. We are going to pass it on to others!
    Love & Prayers,
    B & B

  13. Ar;a Gammond

    Thank you Duane for your dedication and love. May the hand of God protect and love you and Janice this week. Be Blessed.

  14. Bill

    Thanks for another wonderful, inspiring message dear brother! We pray that you will have a refreshing and blessed day, and that Janice will have a happy Mother’s Day!

  15. Bill

    Another great sermon Pastor teaching us to trust and obey in the tough times when life makes no sense and answers seem to be so evasive. You hit the nail on the head dear brother.

  16. I finally was able to get on my iPhone Today Brother , Thank and I love You & Jesus Loves is More !

    What are those characters ( pictures ) on each side of the back of you on the wall ?

    Have a great week Brother .

  17. Bill & Bea

    Dear Pastor,
    Another great message that is so pertinent to our daily walk with Jesus. Yes, His Grace is sufficient! Praise the Lord! We are so thankful that His grace has brought you into our lives.
    Blessings Dear Brother,
    B & B

  18. Bill & Bea

    Thanks so much for another wonderful message to help us keep a proper perspective in these days of separation. We are so thankful for you and your faithfulness to the power of God’s unfailing Word, brother.

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